Branson and Banter…

Via skype from his island home in the Caribbean came Sir Richard Branson beaming brightly into the Renewable Energy Sector’s key event in Aberdeen today – All Energy. 

Quizzed by HIE’s Director of Energy and Low Carbon, Calum Davidson,  Sir Richard initially sat in the confession box.  He said he was originally a sceptic on climate change. But a surprise visitor to his island home, one former American Vice President Al Gore , plus various scientists, changed the view of the legendary entrepreneur. 

 As always, Sir Richard sees the renewable energy sector as an opportunity tailor made for entrepreneurs and he wants to see more Scottish business leaders taking the initiative.  He also said it was the responsibility of the world’s dirty industries, including airline businesses like Virgin Airways, to divert some profits to finding alternative, sustainable energy sources. 

The chat turned to island economies. By their very nature, so much of life has to be shipped in to islands , including energy. Sir Richard strongly promoted the use of natural island resources , including energy generation, particularly wind and solar power. 

The whole concept of sustainable islands will be part of business events taking place at Scotland House during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.  In response to an invitation to come along from Calum Davidson,  Sir Richard unwittingly paid tribute to two stalwarts of the West of Scotland entertainment scene , the Krankies .  His response to Calum’s invitation was to simply put both thumbs up with obvious enthusiasm.!  

See you Glasgow Sir Richard – that really would be fan-dabi-dozi.!

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